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What’s changed regarding hours and flexibility post Covid-19?

Well it’s all very interesting. People who are just starting off are quite happy to enter the job market at a reasonable level, as long as there are definite future opportunities to progress, even study and develop, whilst those with bags of experience under their belt and in particular people and life skills have had time to reflect and get off the hamster wheel for some time have recalibrated and are focusing on a much better and healthier life work balance. They still want to work hard, progress and add value but have now recognised they want time for themselves, even just a few hours a week would be great. They have realised that they can deliver with fewer hours as they are functioning at a higher level and no longer fatigued. They have had time to go back to basics, look after their homes, eat better and save money. Life is too short and many as we all have to do, have done what they have had to do for family, kids, elderly relatives, just to exist, but now they want flexibility. In return you gain a much more savvy worker, dedicated, appreciative and loyal. Now is the time to change old working practices and embrace the new world of work – so what if everyone wants it; they all do not have to work the exact same hours so you can cover.

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