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Game, Set and Match to Candidates!

The marketplace to attract good candidates is tough. Not only that, but great companies are losing long established staff members often for more money and benefits – many above what you would believe would be market rate. For many occupations where study is required, there are just not the people around – Medical Staff, Chartered Accountants, Social Workers, Engineers to name but a few – we have not been training folk yet again, so those who have the skills and qualifications are attracting volume offers and high salaries with often hybrid working written into their contracts. What do you do if you cannot compete in this Arena for good staff, for everyone knows the costs of actually running a business have risen steeply and although you may increase your prices, on many cases you just cannot increase them to match you ever growing overheads. What is the answer, other than working yourself in to the ground to stay afloat? More than ever before is offering the prospective employee what they are looking for and blend a range of benefits and working conditions to suit them. Tough, yes, but in this highly competitive marketplace, there seems to be very little options available to you. At CJ consulting we are here to support you. We can find out what candidates are looking for without you putting yourself on the spot to ask them what they want, thus giving them the upper hand. Whomever you hire, they are there to work for you, not to just dictate the terms they want, or else everything will fall apart.

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