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Salaries, Hourly Rates and Benefits….Are you paying your people what they are worth and whilst we are chatting about this, are you being paid what you are worth?

Getting Salaries Right

At Carol Johnson Consulting CIC we are up to date with local salaries and benefits around the county. We know what people are earning, what they should be earning; what companies and organisations are paying but also the value of benefits – every Individual has something that really makes a difference to their lives.

The problem is companies and organisations often treat their employees en masse – well, it’s easier this way is it not? However, taking a more holistic approach yields wonders not only for productivity but also retention. The old-fashioned idea of providing everyone with the same, the herd mentality ( just look at the problems that brings), not looking at flexibility just in case “everyone wants it”! Is costing your business or operation big time.” Perhaps it is time to look out of the box and give yourself the edge over your competition – plus you never know you might gain rave reviews on glassdoor or some other similar platform?
Want to know what you should be paying? Email with basic job responsibilities and benefits and we shall tell you……..confidentially of course!
Want to know what ticks the boxes regarding employee benefits? Email for our latest fact sheet
Want to know what you are worth? Email and we shall tell you; confidentially of course!
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