Working With People

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CV Support

Your CV is about you; not templated, not exaggerated or played down – and of course, anyone can write a CV and everyone is an expert! You do not need a dictionary even if it is online to say what you want to say or ameliorate what you want to say! At CJC we get to know you and we help you produce a CV that is factual, honest, all about you and your skillset, and above all, secure you that interview you so need to progress to the next step of the recruitment process, securing YOU the job you want! Simple? If only it were! ( By the way, CVs are not like wine, the more you pay for one to be written the better it is – do not be duped by so-called specialists that write your CV the exact same way they write everyone else’s – you’re an individual, stay that way).

Interview Preparation

The world is full of do’s and don’t’s and it is so easy to beat yourself up for not so called “getting it right”. Here’s the truth – you will only be successful if you present yourself well, you do your research, your CV is true and you have prepared for yes all those boring questions and the ones used by inadequate interviewers who want to catch you out – (why do this)! You need strategies and you need to know when to walk away even if you are desperate for a role. At the end of the day, if you secure a position where you have portrayed yourself as someone else, your skills are not true and you are under pressure to deliver, you will be found out and lose your role. Interviews are stressful and there are protocols to follow – we will show you how.

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Dream Job

Dream job – does this exist? Well yes, if you plan and have the right skills' set, qualifications, perhaps, vision, and good luck to get there, but it can take time unless you are incredibly lucky and fall into a role you love from day 1. We have the skills' set and experience to help you identify what you want from a role and how to get there; are your expectations realistic, or does the timeline need to be extended to get you where you really want to be? Do you have the knowledge to know how to find the role of your dreams and what you need to do to nail it!


"Our focus is people"

CJC CIC has over 30 years’ of experience and knowledge base to share; supporting and advising people. Be it Individuals or organisations. It has been fabulous to be a part of their success, witnessing companies flourishing as a direct result of the people they have recruited and following with interest and often pride people as they develop and progress their career paths; achieving their goals, whilst often supporting them on the way and recruiting staff for them too! People matter to us and always will.