Working With Businesses

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Candidate Interviews

Our interviewing techniques focus purely on the candidate; understanding them. Non-judgmental, no tricks, no videos, listening and understanding where they are now and how they found themselves there. Moving on to what skills they have to offer, what they enjoy and are able to bring to a role; checking out the facts; identifying their strengths, unique capabilities, and potential whilst discussing their ambitions and career aspirations - truly knowing the candidate for whom they are. Only then, can we help both them and a potential employer.


Recruitment, when executed correctly is a profession that yields great results for both job seeker and employer. It is not a matter of purely CV sifting or volume CV generation. It is knowing what is true; evaluating skills' sets and verifying facts and qualifications; going under the skin of the people to whom you are speaking; gaining and respecting the trust placed in you, truly understanding what an employer is looking for and what a candidate is seeking, thus ensuring success, longevity, and retention. Simple? Really?

Training & Preparation

Helping evaluate what you need to get you to where you want to go. Providing detailed advice and signposting whilst delivering one-to-one or small group workshops re CV preparation; interviewing the pitfalls to avoid: maintaining your well being – rejection hurts; confronting past histories hindering your future success and yes helping you to help interviewers who just cannot interview! In a practical, supportive manner. Looking for a common-sense approach, backed up with years of knowlegde then it is CJC CIC you need.

New Starts

Setting up a new company or organisation is always exciting and daunting at the same time. If you are an “opener” you thrive in the setting up of the office,  systems, technology and telephony, bank accounts, insurances, policies…you name it and you are on it!  If you are a “closer” you need all the above to be set up so you execute what you are great at…securing the business, signing the deals, securing the contracts, and more. At CJC CIC you can tap into our skills set and experience to ensure you have the right staff on board from day 1.


"Professional advice and finding the right people"

Collaboration between potential employee and employer is essential to ensure all parties are happy with their job search and securing the right person for their job role; high rates of retention follow and positive wellbeing is promoted ensuring success for all.