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To Train or Not to Train....That Be the Question

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

To Train or Not to Train

We all have to train or find training and with the skills shortage as bad as it is, those with training and no experience may just land a job as employers may have to give it a go – but you’ll have to deliver for sure!

However, training is difficult because companies and organisations who pay for training risk losing their fully trained employees to other employers – what a kick in the teeth.

How do you manage this? In the public sector, they do not ponder this – so what if this happens! Good for employees though – but then Industry and Commerce mistrust the skills and experience gained within the public sector and their ethos to working, benefits and so forth.

Therefore, only grab and walk if you are in the public sector – 2 years plus and you’ll struggle to get out. Back to training then; you can write a contract to say if an employee leaves they will pay back x amount of their training – but what is the effect on your business of an employee who does not want to be there but stays until they do not have to refund their training costs? Plus if another employer wants them that badly they will pay their training costs…..Identify why the employee needs and wants this training; calculate if you will be able to use their additional skills in the future, calculate additional costs as their salary will have to increase, but then think again, could this person teach the skills to others and lessen the sticky situation should they leave and at the same time increase the skill set for your whole team?

You will be very unlucky if once trained, they will all leave en masse. Again it’s down to communication; every employee is an individual, each one has their own ambitions – find these out and manage them and not only will you keep you staff happy (well most of the time!); you will also retain them.

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