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Ten Ways to Speed Up the Hiring Process

  1. Have a plan to include whom you want; their future in your organisation and what you have to offer them

  2. Job profile to include benefits and option for flexibility

  3. Define how you would like to recruit and how you will manage the response, reject those who are totally unsuitable and protect your brand

  4. Identify days when you can interview and stick to them – the quicker the better in this market

  5. Ensure your on line presence is impressive and says – we are an organisation going places and great to join

  6. Post interview and offer – have everything lined up as candidates are receiving multiple offers

  7. Keep in touch with new starts before they join; invite them in to meet the team, have a coffee as people are playing the jobs field at the moment and although they say they want to join you, many will not turn up on day 1

  8. Recruit two people if you can….useful to train two people at the same time, they have an immediate buddy and can share their experiences – risk…share bad experiences too!

  9. Invest your time as well as your money, even if you are really busy

  10. Use the services of Carol Johnson Consulting of course 😊

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