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Looking to Resign from Your Job this Christmas?

1 in 4 people are looking to resign from their jobs this Christmas.

Yes, this is what the world is saying, however, although they are indeed correct, they are trying to sell you candidate/interview compliance and do not get to the roots of the cause.

Yes, it is important that your recruitment process is robust (not complicated), is not discriminatory or biased in any way and that you know the questions to ask and more importantly those you cannot ask anymore – but you do not need to pay high consultancy fees to source this information. Well spent; that’s your call.

The real crux of the matter is knowing your people and those you wish to bring into the team. People often forget that not only is important that new folk coming in are the right fit, are taking the role for the right reasons and are genuine job seekers, but your present staff are on board too; they need more nurturing – how do they feel about new people arriving in their environment, are they the right fit for them, will the newbies help them to develop too/or reduce workloads or will they be vying for their promotional aspirations, are they being paid more (it will get out), do they have to train them and if all falls through, it will be for no gain. How will the new people be treated – well we hope, but do not neglect your trusted employees who have been you for some while.

The days of hiring and firing are long gone – hurrah for that! Positive synergy within your business is paramount and will herald success.

Dare we use a much over used phrase – if you want to have a more holistic approach, which remains practical and cost effective, within your workforce, then look at the full picture and get the right people on your side.

At CJ ConsultingCIC, we do all the work and help you achieve your goals – we do not just give you more work to do!

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