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I NEED a job - There is a Skill Shortage but I can't find a job!!

Every day I spend up to 6 hours on job boards and sending over my CV. Sometimes I have to complete lengthy application forms online which take forever and still I have not found a job. Often I do not even get a reply and if I do I know it is automated and you cannot reply and state why you would be good for a role.

If I need to train to get a job I will, but I do not want to spend money I really do not have to study and yet still be turned down as I do not have relevant experience. I’m even thinking of taking the tests to become an HGV driver – but I hear even then you need experience. My background is admin and office with some customer care, but no cold calling. I am looking to return to work having had a family and a few health issues which thankfully are all good now. What should I do?

Yes, it is really tough out there; a real skills’ shortage. How companies and organisations think they are going to recruit staff especially with experience and not pay high dividends bemuses me. They each are stealing candidates from each other! It is true that in the past even if you studied if you did not have experience to go with the study you were ruled out of jobs or would have to accept the minimum wage!

Dependent on jobs I think this has to change. Depending on what you want to do it may be worth investing in a course which is relevant and what you would really like to do. A complete change of career is difficult – other than in care who seem to be training anyone, the opportunities seem poor. If I were you I would brush up on all of my Microsoft office skills, look at a short but effective customer service course which will show potential employer that you have experience if somewhat a few years ago but have taken steps to refresh these skills. I would also get your CV reviewed by someone who knows what they are doing but don’t pay over the odds for this. Also look at direct websites of local companies and at least you will be able to follow up.

Be flexible and when you secure a role, then plan for your future and start gaining the experience you need to get you where you want to go. Even consider taking two part time roles if you need full time hours as a starting point. Keep studying once in employment, if you want to change your career, but be careful what you do study. Once settled with an employer you could ask for some support with training if it mutually benefits all concerned.

Finally, it’s difficult I know not to get disheartened but a lot of jobs on job boards are not real; yes it’s illegal and some are just fishing projects to see who is out there and others are totally unrealistic re expectations versus reality. Keep positive, look at short course and review your CV. All the best and when you get to interview stage; knock them for six!

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