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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day – to the most important person in a child’s life.

Sometimes we are so busy that we forget just how important and influential mothers are. Sadly, many children do not have the mothers who care or nurture them, others have the almost perfect mother, whom they feel they are not able to aspire to. Walking the middle ground is so difficult. We applaud you. Working, staying at home and nurturing is a juggling act, we all know that, and we are often too harshly judged for that – we still are after all of this time. We do worry that we are doing the right things for our children and so many people out there always seem to know better than you…forget that! Mothers with special needs children are also so often judged so harshly, will lack of understanding, which impacts on them – they have days when they lose their confidence on how to nurture their offspring; they fear for their children’s futures – what we have learned is yes, ask for support from the professionals, but you know your children better than anyone, so go with what you feel as your instinct is right. It is tough to find jobs but find out their talent (whatever that may be) and explore ways in which you can develop this. From our experience of meeting candidates and clients, the mothers who evaluate if they are doing it right are the ones who listen to their kids and say sorry if they have made a mistake or a few mistakes and they rectify this – and are respected for doing so. Their offspring make fabulous managers and leaders because they listen. Children given the opportunities to decide what their job or career should be, flourish, then those rigidly influenced to do what the family want are often unhappy and feel they can never live up to the expectations placed on them. This Mother’s Day we hope you enjoy time with your loved ones, forget the trials and tribulations of every day living and just enjoy the day. Happy Mother’s day to all mothers everywhere.

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