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First Impressions at Interviews

First impressions; gut feel is important despite the karma of not judging by first impressions. However, our judgment can get clouded when so much is at stake.

Searching for a candidate who can fit your brief and deliver in a world of fewer skilled candidates places pressure on you to “get it right” with no mistakes. Do you change your interview style? Do you bring in tests? Are you worried that if you offer a candidate a role, they will turn you down – and then if they do not turn up on day ! Who is at fault? Does this cloud your judgment for when making a decision? Are you already building a defence for when it does not work out? – “Well, based on x, y and z, anyone would have employed them” – right? Did you fail in your evaluation; did you fail to impress? Sourcing candidates for the long term is tough. Unless you are a hirer and firer and just go for volume, this is too important and so time consuming a task to get it wrong.

Attending interviews, yes you want to get that job offer, even if you turn them down – your self-esteem will be flying high, but what if you want the role but do not like the interviewer, what then? Well, do you take notice of you gut reaction or suppress it because you want the job? Tough decision for sure.

Hopefully you have other roles to consider, but if you have set your heart on this role, should you go ahead? Well, you will if you want it so much, but take care, for in the end your gut feel will be right, so use the time you have in a new role wisely and don’t make excuses for the interviewer as they have something going on in their lives which more likely you cannot influence or change… Just be wary and use this role to help your future progression – it’s not your fault!

Good luck

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