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Finding the Right People for the Job

Identifying why you cannot employ people with the exact skills you need and finding innovative solutions for this

It’s been tough over the last 18 months just trying to keep a successful business afloat. Now another challenge faces me –

I am expanding but can I find the staff I need – no! I am working every hour I can but it is draining and I am making mistakes. What is it with people? They send me their CV but I cannot get hold of them. I book interviews and they do not turn up and then if and when they do their CVs do not add up! I did manage to find a really good person to employ; contracts sent and accepted but on the first day they did not turn up – no email no call. I also have my jobs with 5 local agencies and a high street one, but I get the impression anyone they have they send to all the jobs they have. I even had an email the other day calling me John when I am Paul – can you believe it – they thought they were sending the CV to another company. I did get the same CV a half an hour after, when they did get my name correct and for fees of 20%, really?

You need someone to work with you and for you. Someone who will take the time to get to know your business and understand where you are going – not just the candidates you need now! However, you do not want to pay Management Consultants fees for sure – all cost no culpability. It would be worth investing an hour of your time which you do not have to ensure you find the people you need. As well as explaining what you need you will be given up to date market knowledge if your goals are achievable in the current format or if you have any wriggle room – a technical term!

At CJC we work on individual projects for a cost effective hourly rate and we deliver. All the candidates we interview remain. Forget introduction fees, the 12 week rebate period and then your candidate can be poached and you have to start again. Work with us and we shall work with you and for you. We want you to succeed and we want to find the best candidates out there, but please be open to flexibility as this is the key.

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