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Factoring Covid into your Recruitment Process?

Surreal or what; can you believe we are having to factor this in now. So, as well as time to source candidates, meet, second interview, offer and securing a start date, with the 3 -6 month probationary just to ensure you have the right person/people, with all the bumps in the road this all brings (no shows, people not being as you had hoped, not starting on day, leaving after a few months, references not stacking up and so on), you now how to factor in Covid and decide what to do.

Ok, you like a candidate and offer a second interview, but they test positive for Covid which puts you process behind by 5 days – what do you do? If you have others to meet, do you reject the Covid positive person, or wait? By waiting will you lose then lose the other candidates? Is it true the Covid candidate has Covid; experience sadly shows any excuse for not turning up can be used – what if they are hedging their bets? What if it develops into long Covid? Then again what if it is genuine?

The recruitment process is far from being that a process. You need experienced recruiters who truly know people, not just read a CV to help you through these mine fields. You know what I am going to say next – yes – if you need that support, contact Carol Johnson at uk…and what if someone does not inform you they have Covid and attend an interview and pass it on to your staff, what then?

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