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Explaining Passive Candidate Search

Welcome back after the Summer – so what’s this passive candidate search?

Well, were back to the same old story – we haven’t trained staff so we have a massive skills shortage – only this time it’s not our fault, but the outcome is still the same! So, how do you find the staff you need – time to think out of the box or increase your salaries so high to attract staff who then use this lift to find attract new roles and then of course you either pay your current staff the uplift, because they will find out or lose them too!

The cost of living is surging, goodness knows what will happen to NI – I thought Brexit would bring the NHS pots of money – veering away from politics quickly…what is the answer?

As ever it is taking time to evaluate your business and look at where you want to go and what you need to get there as sometimes we are so busy with the here and now, we do not take breath to just have a moment to reflect. I truly believe flexibility is the way forward – find out what people want in their lives – it does not mean they are still not ambitious, often quite the reverse and plan your recruitment drive around this.

Yes, you may have to change but you will be able to recruit the people you need and more importantly perhaps, retain them. No time to do this leg work, then a plug for me – use my skills and experience. I work on the whole picture, not just a vacancy….by the way passive candidate search is a so called buzz word for recruiters purportedly having contact with people who are not really looking…how that works with GDPR is interesting to reflect – but just like headhunting to get to these people as well as flattering their egos you will have to pay more and deliver and there is a higher risk of them returning from whence they came as the onus will be fully on you to deliver a marvellous job or else they will jump!

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