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"It’s really expensive using Agencies to recruit and being a charity we just do not have the money."

But, it takes ages to use free job boards and so much time sifting applications, often candidates with the skills set we are not seeking and then they go in to our shops and demand we employ them. Also retaining staff, it’s difficult as people wanting to work for charities and non for profit organisations just use a job for 6 – 12 months to get this experience on their CV and move on. Plus we do not always get it right and it costs time and money to manage a person out of the organisation. Our sector is close knit, everyone knows everyone else, so if we have to reject someone working within the sector whom we do not rate it really does have implications. Add this to my day to day work load and managing volunteers and I find myself in an almost impossible position.

What’s the answer? I really need someone to work with me and for me, who understands our ethos and branding, who can manage the recruitment process and deliver. I do not want to be just an employer with a job on an agency list and the have to pay high fees for the privilege. I need someone who cares and where we are important, not just a number.

CJC has been set up to help at a reasonable cost. Having spent 30 years in recruitment running Johnson Underwood, often helping out charities and the not for profit sector, CJC offer a model based on hours spent not on an introduction fee. We have the knowledge and experience to find the staff you need for your organisation from Director level, through to specialist professions including Accountants, HR, Procurement, H&S, Legal, Data Protection, PAs as well as Admin and Customer Service Staff and those at the coal face in retail outlets.

We charge £30.00 per hour and cap our fee for general staff at £500 and for senior staff a cap of £1,000. Board level is negotiated dependent on needs of specification and should source need to be initiated.

We work with you and promote your organisation ensuring those who are not successful are acknowledged and responded to in a positive manner, thus protecting your brand.

We are project driven and do not operate as an agency.

If you would like a partner to support you, then we must suggest ourselves – we champion the holistic approach and so you know it does work.

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