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Celebrating International Women's Day

The problem with Cliques and why women must lead the way to destroy them for the promotion of all!

You find them everywhere, in schools, in hobby groups and within the workplace and they are so destructive, even if you are a part of them.

If you are not and your resolve is to remain strong (why should you, by the way) and pretend you don’t care, they wear you down. Look around you and you will see.

Cliques are akin to bullying – be part of our group and usually the lead has a following and those who follow are not empowered but merely there to make up the numbers and to cast disdain to those not in the group. Those trying to “fit in” but are a threat to such cliques are worn down by being ignored and plotted against and often lose their self-confidence and self-esteem. Excellent organisations focussing on the well-being of their employees should put a stop to this, but alas they too are often sucked in as they want to be popular too.

On the week where we celebrate women, often mothers too, I implore you to help put the end to cliques – just look around in the playground – kids being mean; in the local yoga class – people being mean – in the workplace people being mean and undermining others, and by the way, if you are thrown out of the cliques you have no where to go…so change for the better now.

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