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A New Way of Working - Compliments of the Seasons

Compliments of the Season and all the very best for 2022.

Calling everyone who has known me, worked with me and for me, over the last 30 something years. We have been through much change and face new challenges as we move forward.

As you know I closed Johnson Underwood as it was time to do so. I was still working hard; too hard but that’s what I do if people need my support, but I was fed up of all the corruption and disloyalty particularly in the Public Sector and with Managed Services, combined with enforced lock down which gave me time to re-evaluate how best to use my skills and experience to support folk but with a caveat that I did not have to jump to the monkey’s tune – or whoever’s tune it would be.

Legislation changed making agencies develop even more stringent processes for which I totally support and was ready to follow – including KIDs – but you know, very few agencies are following these new codes as usual – even the other day an agency called me for a verbal reference, not corroborated that indeed I was whom I said I was, no follow up email, they just wanted to get them started on Monday! Lucky for them, it was me and of course anyone who has worked for me would have been fully evaluated, referenced checked and met in person!

The KID by the way is a legally binding document provided to temps before they start a role, providing all information for their assignment, including but not limited to, duration, rates and average weekly pay they will be receiving and deductions of NI and tax they will be paying, notice period, as well as the usual holiday pay, pensions, hours, overtime rates, health and safety and specific requirements of their particular role; all of which they must receive before they start an assignment. Well, I’m here if you need a service you can trust, that will get it right, save you time and money and deliver.

Happy New Year; enjoy. All the very best and here’s to a brighter 2022.😊

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