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What makes a great sales person?

What makes a great Sales Person – fear not, a true sales professional is fab!

Ok, gift of the gab – no. Scripted – no. Totally reliant on commission – no. Never listens – no. 120 calls a day, day in day out – no. Constantly bombards you with calls, emails, texts – no, and the list goes on.

Many people are really scared of sales – I could not do that, because “sales” has such negative connotations – you only do this right if you have no choice – but listen to a true professional at work and you will realise that the sales part is just the start. A true and successful Sales Person, focuses on relationships, listening and not always making a sale.

They know their product(s) really well; they are at ease when they speak to you, and they get to know you without asking intrusive questions. They are real people, yes doing their job, but not to your expense. We need more sales people in this ilk. Why do I say this today – well I spoke to quite a nice chap the other day, but he insisted on delivering a presentation to me, when I did not want it and then when I asked questions throughout the presentation, he lost his way and could not pick up mid-script. It so reminded me of many years ago when I visited a stately home and the lady giving the talk and the salient jokes, was interrupted three times and each time, rather than picking up the script had to start from the beginning, jokes, and all. People buy from people and those whom they like are genuine and can empathise with them. Easy – no but so refreshing and heralds success for everyone. You're welcome.

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