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Bad Interviews - More Common Than You Think!

The interviewer is never better than you … even though you want the job.

Please remember this when you attend an interview as I am receiving so much feedback re bad interviews and even worse interviewers. You come out of an interview, despondent ( you don’t apply for jobs just for fun do you?) You take time and effort to tweak your CV, as well as often having to repeat silly in-house forms (there only to protect them from discrimination, supposedly), you prepare, research and often have to provide a presentation (make sure they do not steal your ideas), attend the interview to find all too often, they have not even read your CV, let alone the form, they have scripted questions with no room for wriggle room, to get to know you – and best of luck if they have read your accompanying letter. All of this often leaves you feeling that it is your fault – should you play down your experience, or you are too honest at interview. No, no, no, be yourself and hope that one day you will find a potential employer who is more with it and genuine. One proviso, if you need a job desperately and need the money, then do tailor your interview to make the interviewer feel good and your senior ( you should not have to and I do not condone it, but needs must) – then use the role for everything you can get out of it and further down the line apply for other positions. There always needs to be a means to the end. My plea to you is when you are in the position to recruit others, please do not morph in to the people you despise; be strong and innovative and interview fairly, prepare, read the CVs and above all be kind.

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